Minimum Order Policy

- Minimum Notice

Generally, we ship via Air Freight and by the customer request. We ship via Express courier service such as UPS, FedEx and etc.. Please note our minimum rule below.

Air Freight: If invoice value under US $1,000.00 (Max. 20 items, not included small parts), we charge you US $90.00 for the handling fees.

For expedited services, contact the customer service for exact fees.


We solely sell in bulk to manufacturers, retail stores, repair shops, resellers, and others in the music and guitar parts industries. Private customers cannot be shipped.

For manufacturer and distributors: The minimum quantity of each item is stated in the product's descriptions. If it is not stated, please click the upper arrow on the quantity selection. The number shows on the quantity selection is minimum order quantity.

For customers including retailers, repairmen, or end-user: Once your order is approved, we will inform you the closest local distributor near you.

Get in touch with Partsland's distributors near you. You can get our products at the best price from our Partsland distributors. The price shown on the price list may vary depending on the distributor's location. The recommended prices are listed on the website.


Generally, terms of payment all quotations are based on FOB, KOREA. However, there would be a minimum order rule as below:

If your shipping net amount is less than the US $2,000.00 via Air shipment, the shipment will be sent under     EX-Works (EX-factory) term.

If your shipping net amount is less than the US $10,000.00 via Ocean shipment, the shipment will be sent under EX-Works (EX-factory) term.

 TIP: FOB, Free on Board (named port of shipment)

The seller must load the goods on board the vessel nominated by the buyer. Cost and risk are divided when the goods are on board of the vessel. The term is applicable for maritime and inland waterway transport only but NOT for multimodal sea transport in containers (see Incoterms 2010, ICC publication 715). The buyer must instruct the seller details of the vessel and the port where the goods are to be loaded.

TIP: EXW, EX-Works (named place of delivery)

The seller makes the goods available at its premises. EXW means that a seller has the goods ready for the collection of his premises (works, factory warehouse, plant) on the date agreed upon. The buyer pays all transportation costs and also bears the risks of bringing the goods to their final destination. The seller neither loads the goods on collecting vehicles nor clears them for export.